Kavoos Trading based on ethics and professional commitment is striving to provide reliable technical and operational services for its clients.
Our experts are able to provide professional services in the following business areas with the help of their technical and specialized experience and related academic educations:

  1. Marketing and Sales

  2. Procurement and Supply

  3. Authentication and Validation

  4. Negotiation and Contracts

  5. Inspection and Control


Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are what keep a business going and are the most important parts of startups and growing businesses, and to help them to achieve to their goals, hence we all are here to give you a hand to share our experience with you. 

Procurement and Supply

Raw materials procurement is always one of the most important and most strategic processes in each production complex.

Our mission in this sector is to provide the standard and quality raw materials for the manufacturing industries.

Authentication and Validation

Detecting how much a business or a person's financial, technical, human, and operational capabilities is currently and the suitability of his abilities with contracts and commitments that they intend to accept, conclude and execute, as well as will actually predict what future developments in his capabilities.

Negotiation and Contracts

Negotiating the art of bargaining and rejecting privileges between individuals or groups to achieve a common understanding and accepting environment for resolving disagreements or gaining benefits to points of sharing by exchanging privileges.

Inspection and Control

Our Inspection and Control team with its skillful and trained personnel is here to help you and your business to inspect the goods and its process from manufacturing, final product lab tests, transportation in different ways according to the contract between buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter)...


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