We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Kavoos Trading Co. as one of the leading companies in the import/ export business.

Our team consists of skillful and experienced personnel in commerce with related higher academic educations and specialties.

We have been in the business for more than 15 years with European, African and Asian countries. Therefore, our company is looking for establishing a relationship with interested companies in the world to expand our territories.

Our Expertise is in supplying raw materials, minerals, chemical and petrochemical products, and Dry fruits.

We also, provide international services to importer and exporter companies such as Marketing, procurement and supply of goods, Business authentication and validation, Negotiation and Contracts as well as Inspection and control of goods and commodities at different stages of the import-export process, mark financial and legal consulting and Contract writing.

Due to our extensive commercial relations and current contracts with the owners of mines and industrial plants and owning agricultural fields, our company is able to offer its products and services with the best quality and the lowest possible price to the clients.

Hassan Afkari
Founder and CEO

Ph.D in Business Administration

Hadi Delshad

Chief Marketing Officer

Behzad Pagheh
Chief Operations Officer

Master's of Business Administration

Ph.D in Commerce

Hadi Salar
Commercial Affairs Officer

Master's of Commerce

Aref Jafari
Legal Affairs Officer

Ph.D in International Business Law

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Tel: +91 800 790 2397

       +98 912 187 9056

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