Steel Raw Materials

Iron ore is one of the minerals that have the highest percentage of all other minerals. At present, due to the reasonable price, easy access and high strength are needed by all industries. This metal is used in the manufacture of all types of machines, ships, railways, bridges, construction, dams, factories, and warfare and home appliances.


This mineral is the most important material for steel production, and generally, 98% of iron extracted worldwide is used to produce steel. The automotive industry and construction are the main consumer sectors of steel, which has caused the demand for steel from these sectors to affect the demand and the cost of stones. Steel is the best alloy made of iron, forms many different kinds of it.

Kavoos Trading is engaged in contracting with iron ore mines, processed raw materials manufacturers and Transportation Companies in order to procure and supply various types of iron ore, Iron ore Concentrate, Pellets, Sponge iron, briquette and Ferrilliss to various countries in the world.

The followings are the analysis of the available materials:

  1. Iron ore

  2. Pellets

  3. Sponge Iron

  4. Briquette

  5. Ferrilliss

  6. Iron dioxide 

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