Dry Fruits 

Kavoos Trading owns the pistachio, dates and saffron farms in various places, we are able to supply the best quality dry fruits at the lowest price.

Dehydrated fruits or dried fruits are called dried fruits and some cereal seeds. Edible nuts such as pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, dried walnuts and dried fruits such as raisins, green raisins, spinach raisins, Bukhara plum, dried cherries, peach leaves, apricot, plum leaves, cherry leaf and leaves, dates, dried figs.

One of the oldest ways of keeping food is using the drying process. With the help of this process, in addition to preventing food corruption, the weight and volume of the product are reduced and makes it easy to pack, transport and store it.

Properties of dry fruits:

Dehydrated or dried fruits of any kind, if prepared in a well-ordered manner and of the best type, especially the type of fruit, is rich in nutrients and beneficial. Dried fruits, if they are kernel seeds, are generally known for having a variety of vitamins, minerals, high fiber, and iron and phosphorus. And if they are dehydrated and properly dried, they not only preserve the fruit properties, they are defined as a snack and rich in vitamin types.

The main purpose of drying the food is to increase the shelf life of the final product. Reducing the moisture content of the product in the process of drying the fruit to a degree that limits the microbial growth of chemical reactions. In most nuts and groceries, dried fruit packets (containing apples, kiwifruit, mangoes, bananas, and other dried fruits) are sold. Carrying and keeping these dry fruits is easier and less likely to get rotten.

The followings are the available dry fruits to supply:

  1. Pistachio

  2. Dates

  3. Saffron 

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