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Kavoos Trading Inspection and Control team with its skillful and trained personnel is here to help you and your business to inspect the goods and its process from manufacturing, final product lab tests, transportation in different ways according to contract between the buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter) to technical documents of the production before loading or testing and sampling, for approval of the product with the contract and to obtain necessary certificates.

The world trade development growth is much faster nowadays so that no country can ever afford to be self-sufficient. This has expanded the competition and made the international trading market even more complicated. Therefore, the exchange of goods is not the same as it was in the traditional markets and does not include the buyer and the seller, but other individuals and companies are also involved in the import and export of goods.

In this regard, inspection companies were established in order to control and inspect goods in international commodity trading. The main task of these companies is to review and monitor the quality and quantity of imported and exported goods and to issue relevant certificates. The expression of duties, obligations, and responsibilities of the commodity inspection companies in the trading business are largely set out in the laws of international organizations.

The Importance of Inspection of Goods in International Trade

Ensuring the quality and quality of imported and exported goods has always been the main concern of businessmen and other business activists, and most importantly, the authorities of the countries of destination.

Nowadays, the inspection of goods has become an integral part of the import and export process. The expansion of this issue at the global level has been so much that it is considered to be a commodity inspection as a complex and highly specialized trade step.

In order to facilitate this, the International Standards Committee (ISO) has been developing guidelines for product inspection, which is currently the reference and source of the world's diverse standards for checking the product.

The role of commodity inspection companies in international trade:

The importance of the inspection of the goods and the specialization of it has led to the emergence of many inspecting companies around the world.

The most important task of a commodity inspection company is to examine and control the goods and the correctness of the transaction.

Since the inspection of the goods in various ways can be carried out at different stages, the inspectors of these companies, based on an agreement between the buyer (importer of the goods) and the seller (exporter of the goods) to control and supervise the process of construction, or final inspection of the consignment and technical documents of production Before loading or testing and sampling the goods for the purpose of confirming the product with the text of the contract and issuing the necessary certificates.

The most important tasks of commodity inspection companies:

  • Examine the qualifications and qualities of the exporter (seller of the goods)

  • Checking the goods to match their quality with order

  • Evaluate the quantity of goods and confirm the amount of order

  • Checking the year of making the goods and ensuring it is new or usable

  • Confirmation of the place of manufacture or the country of the manufacturer of the goods

  • Checking how to pack and approve it

  • Confirm Shipping


Types of inspections and conformity assessment of commodity inspection companies:

After the agreement with the contracting party, the commodity inspection companies pay for the goods, according to the customer's request. These inspections typically take one of the following three methods:

  • Physical and visual inspection

  • Physical and visual inspections along with the examination of documents

  • Physical and ocular inspection with sampling and testing

Also, based on the time of inspection and at what stage of evaluation, the inspection of the goods can be categorized into 5 types:

  1. PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection)

  2. Inspection during production

  3. Inspection at destination

  4. Internal inspection

  5. Compliance with the standard


Types of certificates issued by commodity inspection companies:

  1. COI (Certificate Of Inspection)

  2. PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection)

  3. VIC (Visual Inspection Certificate)

  4. CI (Certificate of Letter)

  5. PVC (Peice Value Certificate)

  6. CSC (Customer Satisfaction Certificate)

  7. SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)

  8. CC (Commissioning Certificate)

  9. PL (Packing List)

  10. TR (Test Report)

  11. VOC (Verification Of Conformity)

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