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Marketing strategy development

The design and formulation of a marketing strategy is the foundation of marketing planning for an organization.

A marketing plan that is scientifically tailored to the right strategy is the cornerstone of the success of each business and brings the company to its predetermined goals. The marketing plan should be applicable to the organization's resources, with appropriate timing and detailed description of the tasks.

Certainly doing this means the need for expertise and the use of affiliated sciences, and it is a sensitive and precise task that will shape the future of an organization.


This attempts to summarize, based on scientific principles, an overview of how to formulate a strategy and set up a marketing plan.

Developing a marketing strategy for a variety of goods and services includes the following steps:

  1. Analyze and compile market target information

  2. Analyze and compile market information

  3. Analysis and compilation of competitors information

  4. Analysis and compilation of distribution channels information

  5. Formulation of strategy and combination of marketing elements

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